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About Us

Standard choice Cargo is your logistics partner of choice

Delivering The Best Global Logistics Solutions

Standard choice Cargo is the world’s driving worldwide coordinations supplier — we uphold industry and exchange the worldwide trade of merchandise through land transport.
Our global logistics expertise, advanced supply chain technology & customized logistics solutions will help you analyze, develop and implement successful supply chain management strategies.

Global Market Leader

We pride ourselves as an industry leader when it comes to world class courier and cargo services. With our wide outreach, we can literally ship parcels/packages to any where in the world

Relentless Productivity Driver

We know that delivery is at the core of commerce today so we decided to be your best partner of choice while trying to deliver your goods to your customers. You can trust us anyday

Delivering Excellence Everyday

Increase your business efficiencies, trust and loyalthy from your customers because they will get their parcels/packages in record time when you use our logistics solutions

World’s Leading Contract Logistics Provider